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Obesity is a morbid condition and is always tagged along with many other sinister conditions. Most of the obese individuals are also deficient in nutrients, poor immunity. Obesity leads to many chronic diseases including Diabetes with complications anywhere from kidney failure, blindness to death and all of it for mismanagement of eating and behavioural factors. There are many weight loss programs available in the market promising excessive weight loss in shortest possible time without you ever lifting a finger.The goal is to make your wildest wish come true. Many people go through these programs and lose excessive fats in a short period only to either regain it back soon after the program finished besides making their body nutrient imbalanced.
Diet Science Leader was created keeping the above factors in mind to provide a lasting solution to obesity along with eliminating the tagged along sinister to increase quality life span while being productive and feeling great.



DSL’s main objective is to boost immunity and lose weight while eliminating the risk factors for life style diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure etc. DSL is a process of life transformation where individuals start to feel energetic and strong like they never felt before and all this while losing the various high lab results they previously had .
Obesity is root cause of lifestyle illnesses mankind has brought upon itself.

Its about time we resolved to eradicate these(lifestyle illnesses) by reversing the process by which we brought them on board in the first place.

Dr. Sandeep Kalra 

Be on the lookout for publications by Dr. Kalra on selected health issues.

DSL Plans

DSL has various programs starting from 8 weeks program. Each of the program is customized to the needs of clients situation. with three phases of 4 weeks each. 1st phase is called Acute, 2nd phase is called Subacute and 3rd phase is called Maintenance phase