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Defy Your Age

The baby boomer generation is aging, but we’re refusing to do it gracefully. Rather than being satisfied with rocking chairs on our porches, we want to be active participants in life. Unfortunately, even though we don’t want to slow down, our bodies are getting older. We know how important food and exercise is for our continued health and well-being. But so many of us don’t know what to do, how to do it, and most importantly, how to keep from gaining weight and being injured.

Diet Science Leader’s Solution

Dr. Sandeep Kalra has developed an innovative program that slows the body’s aging processes and reverses the metabolic clock. By combining the immunity-boosting effects and intermittent fasting-an innovative approach that makes clients feeling full, not hungry-with targeted strength training, clients can lose up to 20 pounds in 21 days while they reshape their bodies and take back their youth.
Reboot – First week to jump start weight-loss with cleansing from the ill effects of foods clients have been taking.
Recharge – Following weeks to keep metabolism running in high gear, burning more fat and building more muscle.
Rejuvenate – a powerful blueprint that keeps the metabolism young and keeps clients young and slim for life!

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Overcome the aging’s catabolic factors to healthy anabolic nurturing bringing youth’s energy back.
Optimal nutrition is the key to prolonging your youthful vitality. Optimal anabolic nurturing can maintain youth in young bodies or reverse the ravages of time in those more mature.
You can turn back the hands of time, counter catabolic decline and promote anabolic revitalization to restore and prolong your Life in Full Bloom!
Start with the suitable available programs by Diet Science Leader to defy your age and be slimmer, sexier, healthier and happier.

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