Body Toning Plan


Body Toning Plan

Body Toning Plan is recommended only to some clients who have attained the fat loss required to start working your muscles to the next level. Starting out too early and with heavy weights will only cause you injuries and will be detrimental to your weight loss as well.


You’re happy with your body (and you should be), but you wish you could be just a tad more defined, slimmer, sexier…you know what we mean. DST’s Body Toning program will deliver the results you crave in six weeks so you look and feel your best

A combination of heavy and lighter weight resistance training, bodyweight workouts, mixed with cardio work helps define sleek muscles, causing you to lose inches in the process.As you build strength, gradually increase the amount of weight you use during your workouts.

How it Works

Body Toning Plan is a 12-18 weeks personalized program with guided workouts and cardio schedules to carve out the muscles shapes in your body. At the initial meeting after assessing the current status a personalized plan is drafted in agreement with the client. At the beginning of every week a detailed plan is provided for the week’s schedule it also included the dos and don’t s. Progress is noted on weekly meetings and programs adjusted according to progress and any queries answered.
To get started with the Body Toning Plan you have options of 8 weeks or 14 weeks. To select the right one for you please click here.