Body Toning


Body Toning Basics

What is Body Toning? Its all about getting leaner and shaping up your body that looks chiseled. Chiseled looks are from the definition of muscles which have been trained to the point that they actually start looking good.

Most of human body muscles are skeletal muscles here we are mostly concerned with them only.Skeletal Muscles grow when they get enough food which in this case is protein and of course the stimulus for it to grow which is resistance. The most adaptable tissue in the human body is skeletal muscle, and it is remarkably remodeled after continuous, and carefully designed, resistance exercise training programs.
The increase in muscle weight reflects an increase in protein, especially sarcoplasmic protein, and results from greater protein synthesis and reduced protein breakdown It is suggested that increased tension development (either passive or active) is the critical event in initiating compensatory growth in skeletal muscles.

How To Tone Your Body

Learning from the basics above, DSL’S approach to toning your body is by an intentional mix of calories from specific foods and exerting skeletal muscles the right way to avoid any injury but only toning them. The right mix of exertion to the skeletal muscles with enough calories from protein rich foods to provide amino acids needed to build the muscles while losing fat at the same time is the recipe of DSL’S Weight loss and immunity boosting.

DSL’s main objective is to boost immunity and lose weight while eliminating the risk factors for life style diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure etc. DSL is a life transformation trip where individuals start to feel energetic and strong like they never felt before and all this while losing the various high lab results they had previously.

To get toned and start feeling like a new person, please join the Body Toning Plan.