Dr.Sandeep Kalra

Our Founder, medical doctor, technocrat and entrepreneur.

Diet Science Leader is a team of professionals with nutritional background and is lead by Dr. Sandeep Kalra a medical doctor, technocrat and entrepreneur. Diet Science Leader was founded in the year 2014 with the mission to help people lose weight in the simplest and healthiest way. Dr. Kalra has developed a scientific approach to healthy weight loss as well as therapeutic diet plans.

The objective of Diet Science Leader is to provide healthy weight loss diets to the common man at affordable price and not to keep it restricted to the richer class. Since its foundation, our team has been working to make weight loss simpler for you. We provide an easy and delicious balanced diet menu to you, which suits your body type and lifestyle. A healthy diet is a combination of foods from all food groups in a balanced way. We always ensure that all our clients get the personal attention from our qualified dieticians who serve you to let you have a wonderful experience.

Our Mission

Diet Science Leader has emerged out from the experience and the research conducted by Dr. Kalra to help people live healthier and to eat right throughout their lives. The infant idea of Dr. Sandeep Kalra evolved & turned into fitness & weight loss company which focuses on providing customized and quality diet plans to the clients affordably. With its continuous success and the demand of clients today, Diet Science Leader is offering plans by personal, online and phone interactions. Every day, many people take the help from Diet Science Leader through its center & online operations.

At Diet Science Leader, we really care about living healthy with no significant changes made to your existing lifestyle. There are no medicines/supplements that we prescribe. Walks are recommended with our diet plans to keep your metabolism active and weight loss easier and more effective. Diet Science Leader has worked with different corporates and helped their employees to lead a healthy life with a healthy diet. To know yourself, Join us today & lose weight the simpler way.

You can subscribe to our latest articles and newsletters and keep yourself updated with the most reliable and researched information. Our strategy is to offer you the healthiest and safest diet menu to lose weight and keep it off always. We provide the best advice to our client at the most affordable price, which consequently make our service and price the best in the industry. Today plenty of quick fix solutions are available in the form of pills, diets, and equipment that claim to make you lose weight fast without much effort. However, many of these so-called miracle weight loss plans are not really a viable option as they have not been scientifically proven. Diet Science Leader Plans takes your body as a whole and after consultations, advices you with a diet plan that will not just make you look fit, but feel healthy and enjoy the lifestyle you love.