Diet Consultation

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What is a Diet Consultation

A Diet Consultation is an individual assessment, which helps uncover each client’s diet, trauma, psychological and stress conditions, sleep patterns, fitness level, environmental exposures and genetic predisposition by exploring their physical, emotional and mental health.
This is a one-time consultation where client is given advice according to his needs. The client can consult one of our expert dieticians and seek advice on weight loss, how to manage your health concerns, look for suggestions on lifestyle changes, food allergies, any specific nutritional needs for you or anyone in your family. Client will be motivated during the consultation to start the most suitable program from diet science program for your condition.

Plan Information

The outcome of a Diet Consultation is a specific therapeutic strategy based on the understanding of the physiological systems involved, body’s constitutional type, and addressing diet, lifestyle changes, specific supplements as well as personal exercise program. Client has the responsibility to visit their primary care physician for any conventional drugs they currently take.
Diet Consultation package is for $99 only. Once you have started this package you will realize that you can follow our diet plans easily as there is no starvation and no monotonous diets. We do not prescribe any medicines or supplements. There are no strenuous exercises suggested along with our diet plans. Brisk walks of half an hour is recommended to keep the metabolism active. You can easily lose up to 3-5 lbs in 10 days trial program. If you feel satisfied and happy with your diet plans, you can even upgrade your current package.

Telephone and Office Consultations

With hectic work schedules and the demands of family life, we recognize the importance of time and balance. For your convenience, we offer clients telephonic consultations, as well as in-person, office consultations. Telephonic Consultation need to be booked in advance.
Schedule your appointment for Consultations by contacting Diet Science Leader at 516-777-0612 or by clicking on the buy button.

Upgrade your Plan

When you get the desired results within first 07 days of joining the trial, you are thrilled and excited to continue further and lose some more weight. You can then upgrade your trial package to any higher duration package within 10 days of your joining date with no extra additional cost. You can upgrade to monthly or quarterly package. This will save good amount of money as well as give additional desired weight loss to you. So think wise and upgrade your weight loss package at the earliest.

The cost of a 12 weeks program is $600 but if paid in advance the cost is lower at $525. You have a choice of paying four weeks at a time for only $199 or a one time lower payment of $525 for entire 12 weeks.

To get started with the Weight Loss Program please set up an appointment with us. You can buy your plan by making a one time payment Or monthly payments please click here.

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