DSL Plans

AD AUG 12-1

Life Transformation Solution

Welcome to the Diet Science Leader’s life transformation solution, a natural Weight Loss, Immunity boosting, Age defying program designed to positively alter your body metabolism making you slimmer, sexier, healthier, happier than you have ever been.
h4>Body Toning

What is Body Toning? Its all about getting leaner and shaping up your body that looks chiselled. Chiselled looks are from the definition of muscles which have been trained to the point that they actually start looking good.
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Becoming Younger

Dr. Sandeep Kalra has developed an innovative program that slows the body’s aging processes and reverses the metabolic clock. By combining the immunity-boosting effects and intermittent fasting-an innovative approach that makes clients feeling full, not hungry-with targeted strength training, clients can lose up to 20 pounds in 21 days while they reshape their bodies and take back their youth


Disease Prevention

Nearly 1 in 3 American adults has high blood pressure and 2 in 3 people with diabetes report having high blood pressure or take prescription medications to lower their blood pressure. Your heart has to work harder when blood pressure is high, and your risk for heart disease, stroke and other problems goes up.
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