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Diet Science Leader accepts articles for publishing on our website in the subjects of public health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, physiology, medical science or other health related articles from original authors.

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Health Professional Partnership Program(HPPP)

A study published on the self-perceived proficiency of medical residents found that 94% felt that nutrition counselling should be included during primary care visits.Lack of time available during primary care visits is a significant constraint in providing patients with needed nutritional wellness guidance.

Physicians need a partner in the Nutrition Care Process. Diet Science Leader’s various life transformation programs offer physicians an inter professional partner that has the resources and is structured to provide your patients with extensive practical skills training and behavioral management to finally implement and sustain evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle guidelines for effective weight management.
With MD referral, program could qualify for insurance reimbursement or be considered a qualifying expense for a health savings plan or flex spending account (please note: insurance claims are patient responsibility and are not processed by the Perfectly Produce office).

Health Professionals are offered an incentive based on number of new subscriptions of DSL programs from the professional. Incentives vary from 10-30% based on number of subscriptions in a set amount of time. The more the subscriptions the higher the percentage to a maximum of 30%. Please contact us to join the Health Professional Partnership Program(HPPP).

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