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Diet Consultation

You can consult one of our expert dieticians and seek advice on weight loss, how to manage your health concern, food allergies, any specific nutritional needs for you or anyone in your family.
This one-time consultation which will help you understand how well a client relates to us and is given advice according to his needs. You will be motivated by meeting our dietician to start your weight loss program with us and will come to know our various packages. To learn more and join the Diet Consulataion Plan please click here.

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Weight loss plan

Weight loss plan is planned around individual lifestyle, food habits, medical history, behavioural issues.
You lose weight easily and comfortably without any starvation and monotonous diets. Clients are guided on the dos and don’t s for the next week
You will feel energetic and light as you progress with your plan. You can also enjoy foods of your choice, in consultation with
your dietician. You can easily lose atleast 6-12 lbs in one month’s plan depending on your initial weight. To learn more and join the Weight Loss Plan please click here.

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Body Toning Plan

Body toning plan has been designed around making you look and feel younger. The intent of this plan is to rejuvenate your body and
tone it to its maximum so you look and feel much younger than your age. This plan is recommended for if you who are motivated and willing to go an extra mile for the youthful look and feel they crave. This plan can also be taken as a follow on plan after the successful completion of Weight loss plan. To learn more and join the Body Toning Plan please click here.

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Ultimate Fitness Plan

Ultimate Fitness Plan has been designed for people who are motivated enough to go all the way from the beginning of the plan.
If you are currently overweight and are tired of your looks and feel tired all the time but willing to make a change for good then this can be a game change for you. Ultimate Fitness Plan places more demand on an individual as related to time and effort but results are amazing as you will feel as if you got a new lease on life after successful completion of this plan. To learn more and join the Ultimate Fitness Plan please click here.

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Maintenance Plan

Diet Science Leader’s Maintenance Plan is designed as an after plan. When you have been through one of the DSL plans, be it the Body Toning or Weight Loss Plan, you can join a Maintenance Plan for four weeks to keep the rhythm of what you learnt going forever. The main objective of Maintenance Plan is to build the sustenance of healthy eating behaviour in your personality so you never have to go through any weight loss plan again thus making healthy living a part of your life. To learn more and join the Maintenance Plan please click here.

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Corporate Wellness

The total cost of obesity to U.S. companies due to lower productivity and absenteeism is
estimated at $73.1 billion per year. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center found that
obese workers filed twice the number of workers’ compensation claims, lost 13 times more days of work from work injury or work
illness than did non-obese workers.

To learn more and join the Corporate Wellness please click here.