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DSL’S Health Plans

Diet Science Leader’S Plans are scientific and multi-disciplinary, teaching children, young adults & families struggling with weight issues, the skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle. DSL offers families and participants sustainable options for maintaining their new healthy habits at home.

DSL Weight Loss Plans are programs designed by healthcare professionals, for anyone with weight or wellness issues including kids during summer vacation to teach them a lifetime of healthy eating behaviors.
DSL Weight Loss approach is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary weight loss and wellness approach designed by experts to deliver remarkable weight loss results and transform your life for the better, forever.

The staff at Dietscienceleader is dedicated to transforming the lives of our participants by giving them the necessary tools, inspiration and education in order to achieve significant weight loss results and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of their lives. Please check the health plans offered by us.

Scientifically Proven

DSL’S approach to weight loss is rooted in science and combines a variety of disciplines of medicine to improve our client’s health and well-being.

DSL’S approach is to improve on diet and nutrition,cognitive behavioral advise with an appropriate amount of sports and play included in the mix.

Experienced Staff

DSL employs a diverse team of health & wellness professionals, including psychologists, exercise physiologists, personal trainers, dietitians, nutritionists and a wide range of instructors and behavioral coaches to get a life transformation effect on individual using our plans.

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