Maintenance Plan

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Maintenance Plan

You have been through it all ,looking and feeling great. You have a life to do justice too where you are exposed to various foods, people, events making you stressed at times. It is for those times or to get a grip on the subject of healthy eating thoroughly Sustenance Program comes into picture


Sustaining weight loss is now very easy and practically achievable. The right guidance of our dieticians will make you understand how to plan your meals of the day and weekly menu, well in advance.

Clients are always recommended to visit their primary care physician before starting out a plan especially if there are some concerns shown by the Nutritionist.

How it Works

Maintenance Plan is a 4 weeks program. During this program clients are guided eat healthy by behavioral changes and introducing various easy adaptable physical exertion regimens.

Under the guidance of DSL clients are trained to live a life of joy enjoying every occasion, managing every stress but still maintaining, sustaining a healthy way of living, eating finally staying healthy, slim and sexy.

Clients are given the dos and don’t s to live a life full of health and passion. Every human being is created different some need hand holding some can carry on their own, some in between, We at DSL are comfortable in helping every client in the utmost professional way as you would expect on their trip to life transformation.

The cost of a 4 weeks program is $59. In summer promotion we will add another week of the program at absolutely no cost to you making it 5 weeks of program for $59.

To get started with the Maintenance Plan please buy your plan by making a one time payment, click here.