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Everyone has a busy lifestyle, be it home or office. Taking time out to search some good dietician and then to visit clinic for consultation regularly may not be possible for everyone. DSL has a solution to this problem. We provide customized On-line Consultations to all by e-mails.

Online Consultation Process

In today’s rat race everyone has a busy schedule, demanding working life, health issues, waiting time in weight loss clinic can add more stress to already stressed situation you may be in Or you feel awkward to share your weight issue face to face? We at DSL understand that everyone is so busy with their daily hectic schedules that one hardly finds time for oneself. Yet it’s essential to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, to avoid a number of health problems including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol.

Clients have to fill in the on line Registration form and submit it with all the details. Our representative will call you, and once your payment is received, our dietician will start sending you your customized daily diet plans on line through e-mails. The clients has the responsibility to monitor the changes in your weight weekly and keep reporting to the dietician so that we can plan your diets further based on the results of the previous diet. If any doubts/ queries, it can be sorted online itself by getting in touch with the dietitian directly.

DSL’S Online Consultation

Online Consultation can be taken taken within the comfort of your home, at your convenient time. It saves your travel cost as well as time. DSL provides On line Diets to clients all over continental US, even in cities where we do not have a presence. On line consultation is also available to people from cities where we have our clinics. We also serve our international clients by On line Consultations & Diet plans.

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