School Wellness

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Wellness means being healthy in mind, body and soul. Diet Science Leader’s wellness programs are committed to raise student achievement levels and combating the childhood obesity by training them to eat healthy while they are young.

School Wellness Research

The Students success depends on a blend of academic skills, good health, and physical and mental fitness. School based wellness programs are oriented towards achieving these goals.

Research has also proven that schools with wellness programs are found to offer more healthful food options, such as low-fat foods and whole grains and fewer less-healthy foods. A good school wellness program can effectively raise students’ awareness of the right choices of foods they make each day. It helps to promote better eating and exercise habits, which can give students the energy and focus they need to do well in school.

School Wellness

Healthy, physically fit students have a better chance for long-term success in school as well as their future life. Diet Science Leader’s School Wellness Plan includes health talks to improve the diet and health of students. Diet Science Leader suggests healthy eating options for children in schools and this program is especially designed and made for school-age children. Our trained team of dietitians/ nutritionists will visit your school to provide individual consultations and/or group education sessions to the school staff, to parents and especially to the students. To get started with our school wellness program please contact us and we can customize a plan for your school.