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Telephone Consultation

In today’s rat race everyone has a busy schedule, demanding working life, health issues, waiting time in weight loss clinic can add more stress to already stressed situation you may be in Or you feel awkward to share your weight issue face to face? We at DSL understand that everyone is so busy with their daily hectic schedules that one hardly finds time for oneself. Yet it’s essential to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, to avoid a number of health problems including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Study

Based on a study done by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition it is operationally feasible to administer telephonically 24-h dietary advise. Dietary interviews were conducted by telephone with 204 low-income elderly subjects. Food portion size estimation was done using a two-dimensional food portion visual aid the that was mailed to respondents’ homes. The mean intakes and distributions of nine nutrients among males and females in the research sample were compared with those reported in the 1971 to 1974 Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

After correcting for time trends in nutrient intake, the mean intake values found in the survey were very similar to those reported by the Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. In testing the frequency distributions of intakes, only two nutrients for women and one for men had statistically significant differences. The telephone-administered dietary methodology thus produced acceptable estimates of the means and distributions of nutrient intakes among groups of individuals and has the potential of markedly reducing the cost, time, logistical, and personnel constraints associated with nutrition surveys.

DSL’S Telephone Consultation

Diet Science Leader offers Telephonic diets. You just need to have a weighing machine at home and regularly monitor and keep a record of your weight. You can avail the Telephonic Diets by us, where our Dietitian will call you two times a week and give you a diet plan for 3 -4 days, according to your lifestyle and eating habits. You can follow it and inform the dietitian about your progress when we call you next time. You can also call us if you have any queries / doubts.
So what are you thinking? We are sure you or someone in your family or friends needs a Diet Plan to control their weight or manage their health concern. Click here to consult by phone now.