Ultimate Fitness Plan

As the name suggests the Ultimate Fitness Plan is a combination of Weight Loss and Body Toning Program. It is recommended to some of the clients based on the capability and requirements. Every one is not a candidate for this as this might look interesting to get started with but if unable to cope up with the rigorousness of this Program clients can end up injuring themselves or losing interest in Weight Loss.


Ultimate Fitness Plan is a 24 weeks program that places emphasis on weight loss and body toning altogether from the get go.

Ultimate Fitness Plan is recommended to certain clients based on the current physical, medical status and the schedule of the client. Ultimate Fitness Plan helps with losing extra pounds while slowly bringing back the strength in the muscles.

The Plan has to be carefully monitored as there are chances of injury to muscles or bones if an enthusiastic client takes on too much too early. Under the guidance of DSL we make sure that a smooth transition to a healthy and toned body in a sustained manner is made a reality.

If you feel you are ready to get slim for the summer so what are you thinking, Let’s get started with the process right now!

How it Works

Ultimate Fitness Plan is a 24 weeks program. After a diet consultation a personalized plan is drafted in consultation with the client as per the food likes and dislikes of the client and the capability of doing workout based on individual schedules.

During initial meeting a personalized detailed plan is drafted as per the convenience and needs of the client. Progress is monitored every alternate day and meetings are conducted every week to record progress and alterations or questions, concerns about any issues.

A detailed record is maintained over the entire course of the plan to observe any deviation from normal. An expectation from the program is set from the outset. Clients are guided on the dos and don’t s for the next week. Initially we encourage clients to contact us every 3-4 days followed by weekly meetings to record the progress being made and answer any queries or concerns.

Clients are always recommended to visit their primary care physician before starting out a plan especially if there are some concerns shown by the Nutritionist.

The cost of a 24 weeks plan is $449. You have a choice of paying eight weeks at a time for only $199 or a one time lower payment of $449 for entire 24 weeks.

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